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Advice & Support at Keele SU (ASK) is a dedicated advice service that is separate from the university. Our advisers provide free, confidential and impartial advice to our students on a range of issues.

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The information below is for students who have been renting off campus. If you've been living on campus, the University has a guide to moving out of their accommodation that you can read through.

You are jointly responsible for the condition of any communal areas and if you are in a joint tenancy (rather than individual tenancies) you are also jointly liable for the condition of the whole property. 

You should leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in. Make sure you clean the property thoroughly, remove all your belongings and empty the bins - your landlord can take money from your deposit to cover reasonable costs for cleaning, replacing broken items, and for removing items.

Take plenty of photos of the property to show you left the house in a good, clean condition. If you paid for any service or bought any products to help you leave the house in good condition, keep the receipts as proof.

If you're responsible for bills, contact the utility companies to let them know the final date of your tenancy. Read the meters on the final day (and keep a record), tell the company to close your account and get the final bill sent on to your forwarding address. Send proof of paying final bills to the landlord, as some won't return your deposit unless they have this proof.

Make sure you return your keys and follow any check out procedures outlined in your tenancy agreement.

We have advice here on how to prepare for the different types of misconduct cases.

If you're not sure what has gone wrong, read through your essay with the Turnitin report, which you will usually have been sent, and think about whether
you have referenced properly and used your own words. Think about areas where you may have forgotten to reference.

Get in touch with ASK if you are struggling to understand what might be wrong and we can work through this with you.