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Advice & Support at Keele SU (ASK) is a dedicated advice service that is separate from the university. Our advisers provide free, confidential and impartial advice to our students on a range of issues.

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The University sends a list of full-time students to the local councils of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent and Cheshire East. However, we still advise contacting your local council to tell them your name is on the list and to make sure they don't send you a bill. If you're living in another council area or if there are any problems with the list you can send them a student status letter - you can find this by logging into eVision, clicking on the 'Common Actions' button on the home page, then selecting the 'My Status Letter' button. 

It is very important that you don't ignore correspondence from the council as they will keep pursuing you for council tax until they've confirmed your student status and you could still be liable for any costs the council has incurred, such as debt collectors and court fees, in spite of your council tax exemption. Make sure you contact the council as soon as possible and if you need any help you can contact ASK.

More information about council tax is on our Council Tax page.

For some people moving to university will feel exciting, but for many it can be overwhelming at first. University life is a big change - give yourself time to adjust and remember that other people will be having similar feelings to you even if they seem like they're having a great time. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself!

If you're feeling homesick it can be tempting to shut yourself away but this can leave you feeling more isolated. If you're not clicking with your neighbours you may find that you have more in common with people from your course. Joining a society or team will introduce you to people with a shared interest and there are also volunteering opportunities and activities such as Crafternoons you can take part in to help you meet people.