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Advice & Support at Keele SU (ASK) is a dedicated advice service that is independent from the university. Our advisers provide free, confidential advice to our students on a range of issues.

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Academic Misconduct Meetings
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If you're invited to a meeting, ASK can support youRead more...

Moving Out
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What to do when moving out, and how to get your deposit back.Read more...

How to Appeal
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I've been asked to an academic misconduct meeting, what do I do?

We have advice here on how to prepare for the different types of misconduct cases.


If you're not sure what has gone wrong, read through your essay with the Turnitin report, which you will usually have been sent, and think about whether
you have referenced properly and used your own words. Think about areas where you may have forgotten to reference.


Get in touch with ASK if you are struggling to understand what might be wrong and we can work through this with you.

What can I do if I'm unhappy with my results?

The University has an appeals process, but appeals can only be made on the grounds of exceptional circumstances or procedural irregularity. Unfortunately, it is not possible to appeal against academic judgement or to ask for a remark without solid evidence that there has been a procedural irregularity.


Appeals must be made within 10 days of results being published, unless you have a good reason for being late, and you must use the official appeal form. We have an appeals guide to help you get started.

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