New for 2017 - Student Voice Representatives

Student Voice Reps

Student Voice Representation

Student Voice Representatives

Academic representation for all Keele Students, tackling academic issues, improving students academic experience and making real change. 


No elections are currently running


What do Student Voice Reps do?

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"I thought they were called StARs?"
We have said goodbye to StARs and introduced the new name- Student Voice Representatives (SVRs)
Student Staff Liason Committees (SSLC) will now be known as Student Staff Voice Committees (SSVC).  


Nominations are now closed for the academic year 2019-20

SVRs are elected representatives, meaning that students will nominate themselves to represent the students on their course. The number of SVRs on your course depends on how many students there are, so a course with 100 students should have 2 SVRs. If 2 students nominate themselves, those students will be automatically elected. If 3 students nominate themselves, their fellow students will vote for who they would like to represent them. It's really easy, but if you feel a little unsure or have questions, just email 

To nominate yourself, all you need to do is submit your name along with a few words about why you think you'd be good at the role. You are not expected to make any speeches or run a campaign, although you can if you wish!