Student Voice Reps

At Keele, Student Voice Representatives provide academic representation to ensure you have your say in the quality of education you receive. Find out more - and nominate Reps for a KeeleSU Award! - here.

Academic representation for all Keele Students, tackling academic issues, improving students academic experience and making real change.

Every student at Keele has come here to study, so we're all invested in the quality of our academic experience. Our Academic Representatives, from Voice Reps all the way up to our Education Officer, are here to ensure that your academic interests are represented to the University and Students’ Union.

Academic Representation at Keele starts with our Student Voice Representatives, or Voice Reps. We have Voice Reps for every course at Keele, where they speak to students, listen to their concerns, and feed these back to schools to help improve the quality of your education. It is feeding back on your experiences andd voting for your Voice Reps that ensures your student voice is heard, and then through our representation structure all students are then given a platform to share there experience and make change for the better.

As well as our Student Voice Representatives, we have Lead Voice Reps, or LVRs. These are appointed from the Voice Reps of each school, to take on feedback from both students and Voice Reps, as well as meeting regularly with our Education Officer to discuss issues faced by multiple schools that the Education Officer can then take to university-wide meetings. To find out more about Lead Voice Reps, click here, and to nominate yourself as one, click here. Please note that you will need to be elected as a Student Voice Rep to become an LVR.

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No elections are currently running - come back September 25th!

What do Student Voice Reps do?


Why become a Student Voice Rep?

Being a Student Voice Rep is a chance to make a difference to your academic community, as well as develop some excellent employability skills that will help your personal development and allow you to stand out during and after your studies.

Employability skills you can gain:

  • Leadership and Negotiation skills

  • Communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders

  • Collaborative problem solving

  • Advocacy

  • Lobbying for positive change for students

You'll be supported by the Student Voice Department at KeeleSU, your Lead Voice Reps, and our Education Officer Mari Chappell. We offer training just after elections, as well as support throughout the year to make sure you can perform your role effectively. We also hold our annual SU Awards at the end of the academic year, to recognise and reward Voice Reps and other volunteers for their contributions to the Keele Community. 
The elections for Voice Reps take place at the beginning of the academic year, so keep an eye out after the summer for these. We elect Voice Reps for every course from foundation year to postgraduate, so there's always a chance to get involved!

Interested in nominating yourself but want more information? If you feel a little unsure or have questions, just email