Lead School Voice Reps

Lead School Voice Representatives

What are the Responsibilities of a Lead School Voice Rep? 
  • To gather the views of Student Voice Representatives
  • To read the minutes of all SSVCs (Student Staff Voice Committees) within their school to seek out any ongoing issues and to keep abreast of updates within their Schools
  • To attend School Learning and Teaching Committees (SLTC) as a Student Representative
  • To submit short reports to KeeleSU Student Voice, which will be submitted to Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees (FLTC)
    • Lead Voice Reps may be invited to attend FLTC meetings to speak about a particular subject)
  • To organise forums (1 per semester) for Student Voice Representatives within their school
  • To work with Schools on any relevant projects, events or committees which require student representation (such as reviews of Schools, ie Internal Quality Audits and validation events)
  • To meet once per semester with the Education Officer and Student Voice department to update on work completed
You have to be a Student Voice Rep in order to become a Lead School Voice Rep.

Last year's Lead Voice Representatives can be viewed in the table below. 

School Lead Voice Rep (s)
Chemical and Physical Sciences Ilona Serafin
  Kirththani Kaandeepan
Computing and Maths John Soto (PG)
Geography Alana Wheat
  Chris Card (PG)
Humanities Cobie Harrison UG
  Rebecca Pierce PG
KMS Lucy Whitehouse
Law Lauren Macmillan
Life Sciences Aiden McGowen (Lead)
  Shahnaz Iqbal (Deputy)
Medicine Francesca Scott
Nursing and Midwifery Victoria Pickthall-Hughes
Pharmacy Shad Jabbar
Psychology Toni McLouglin
SHAR Geoffrey Stubbs
SPIRE Ben Ireland
SSPP Mari Chappel UG
  Katie Lewis PG
Foundation Year Jared Fisher



Click here for a report template to submit to Student Voice at su.voice@keele.ac.uk and su.educationofficer@keele.ac.uk