Lead School Voice Reps

Lead School Voice Reps are the link between schools and their students, helping feed back to schools on the issues students are facing and more.

As well as our Student Voice Representatives, we have Lead Voice Reps, or LVRs. These are appointed from the Voice Reps of each school, to take on feedback from both students and Voice Reps, as well as meeting regularly with our Education Officer to discuss issues faced by multiple schools that the Education Officer can then take to university-wide meetings.  *Please note that you will need to be appointed as a Student Voice Rep to become an LVR.

2023/24 Lead Voice Reps

Allied Health Professions Laura Allister
Chemical and Physical Sciences Freya Pinnick
Computing and Mathematics Laura Hutt
Geography, Geology, and the Environment Georgia Jenkins
Humanities Emillie Downie
Keele Business School Laura Przetocka
Law Caitlin Ellis
Life Sciences  Ips Rishi
Nursing and Midwifery Rachel Rimmington
Pharmacy Joana Girgis

Kayleigh-Ann Mutch
Holly Coulter

Social, Political, and Global Studies Char Kirkham
Foundation Year (Natural Sciences) Can Akkurt Akkurt
Foundation Year (Health) Gareth Simm
Foundation Year (Humanities) Lauren Parkes
Medical School Council Asena Akdeniz
Medicine Samriddhi Agrawal