Full-Time Student Officers

Our team of Five Full-Time Elected Officers work for, and are elected by, Keele students to represent their views and campaign for positive change. Find out more and get in touch with them here!

Elected Officers work for students here at Keele to represent their views, campaign for positive change and continually work to improve the student experience.


Here at KeeleSU, we have both Part Time Officers and Full Time Officers who work hard to represent your views and make sure your voice is being heard. 

This year, your full time officer team is:

Mari Chappell - Education Officer <su.educationofficer@keele.ac.uk>
Leroy Cohoone - Activities & Community Officer <su.communityofficer@keele.ac.uk>              
Dan Grimsdell- AU & Sport Officer <su.ausportofficer@keele.ac.uk>
Fflur Harman - Welfare & Internationalisation Officer <su.welfareofficer@keele.ac.uk>
Amy Holden - Union Development & Democracy Officer <su.uddofficer@keele.ac.uk>

Please note that Amy Holden has now left her role, and her successor will not be starting until July 1st 2020.


Officer Reports are available from each officer's blogs, available below.