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The Activities & Community Officer sits on a number of committees within the University and Union to ensure effective representation of the student body and to safeguard the financial needs of KeeleSU. They pay specific attention to the varying departments in KeeleSU and manage the Services Zone to ensure that student representatives who fall within this zone are effective. Activities & Communities Officer takes responsibility for a number of projects for example leading and training societies and any other projects they feel would enhance the student experience at Keele. They also coordinate a range of events with KeeleSU Activities to ensure there is a provision of activities for all students to try and coordinate the Societies Executive who assist in the development of societies.  Along with the rest of the Elected Officer team, they ensure that the policies of KeeleSU are directed by students and  act as an Officer Trustee.

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Sun 11 Oct 2015

A long overdue update...

Hi all, this is a long overdue blog post just to update you on what I've been up...
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Thu 30 Jul 2015

Blog 2

Take a look at my video before you read below :)   The "Blog Off" is officially on. In...
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Wed 15 Jul 2015


If you are reading this, that means you managed to navigate the jungle that is the SU website, congrats!  ...
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Wed 25 Mar 2015

Manic March

So I am sure that you are wondering- what has Annie been up to for the last few weeks? You...
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Fri 14 Nov 2014

Illness update and being Proud

‘What has Annie been up to?’ I hear you cry! As I write this, I am in bed...
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