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At Keele Students' Union, we have run and are running a number of campaigns to make student life that bit better.

Whether its the celebration of Black History Month, our #Never Ok campaign, or fighting for improvements to the support for student mental health.

We are always looking for the next campaign or those who want to join in our current ones.

Check out our campaign guide (on the left) or how to engage liberation groups (on the right).







Union Campaigns


The Education Campaign

Free Periods

Aim: To eradicate all hate-based violence and discrimination at Keele University. This includes but not limited to:

-Sexual Violence
-Hate Crime & Online Harassment

Why?: All our students should feel safe at Keele and not victims to hate based on parts of their identity or beliefs.

How?: KeeleSU provides training to student groups and staff on tackling hate within their own communities.

Relevant and frequent stalls.

Online and physical materials

A partnership with StopHateUK (An anonymous reporting tool).

More info on #NeverOk Can be found Here

Aim: To challenge and support the university in its academic provision.

Why?: KeeleSU strives to see that our students receive the best academic experience possible, that prepares them for whatever step is next in their life journey.

How?: KeeleSU recruits and trains your Voice Reps in how to act as the megaphone for their cohort! Channelling all the feedback into one clear voice.

We constantly survey and research student feedback on their courses, and through our lead reps and education officer, we challenge the poorer performing areas and encourage the spread of good practice!

Your officer team, using results from the NSS, Speak Week, and other union surveys compiled a list of priorities for the university that they will work with the university in tackling this academic year.

Our education officer feeds back to you through newsletters, social media and through physical conversations, the progress of the work being undertaken and our officer team are available to contact with further feedback.

Our ASK team supports you during your time at studies, whether you are being withdrawn from your degree or need support submitting EC's , the team are happy to help students in getting the most out of their education.

Aim: To see that every person has access to the sanitary products they need.

Why?: KeeleSU believes that period products are not a luxury and should be readily available to our students.

How?: KeeleSU provides free sanitary products in a variety of forms that are available from the SU building. 

Our Welfare and Internationalisation officer and student volunteers frequently pack and replenish the free products throughout the year.

Throughout the year, on relevant national events, we build the Free Periods campaign into the messaging we deliver to students. 



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