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Keele SU is your Students's led by elected Student Officers to deliver the very best in support, representation and student experience. We're a charity, meaning everything Keele SU does is not for profit and for the benefit of all of its students.

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I want to change something about the Students’ Union/University. How can I do this?

No matter what, you can submit your issues/ideas online using our ideas page, where we collect student opinions and bring these to Union Council, made up of our Elected Officers, and Union General Meetings, our all-student meetings, for students to vote on. Even if you don’t have a solution, we bring issues to students to help decide on what actions to take to help make change.

What campaigns can I get involved with?

We run a variety of campaigns through the year, from ongoing campaigns such as our free period campaign to fight period poverty, awareness campaigns such as Movember, anti-discrimination campaigns like #NeverOK, and officer-led campaigns like the anti-racism campaign Be Better Do Better. We start campaigns based on the issues students raise, so if you’d like to start a campaign submit an idea here!

What are Elected Officers?

Elected Officers are student representatives, elected by students, to hold the university to account, to lead campaigns on issues that matter to them, and fight for student interests. We have five Full-Time Officers, also known as sabbs (Sabbatical Officers), who take a sabbatical from their studies to represent students, attend meetings with the university, and campaign more regularly. You can find out more about these officers and what they do here. Part-Time Officers are current students, who volunteer their time to fight on issues based on their role. You can find a full list of these here.

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What we do//

Student Voice is about ensuring that all students are being heard by the university, and able to make change to their student experience. This may be on issues that directly affect students in their degrees, such as early deadlines on an assessment, or it may be issues that affect students as people, such as racial discrimination. Through campaigns, democracy, and representation, we want to empower students to make change for the better. Our Student Voice Representatives scheme ensures students on every course have a rep to take academic issues to the university and improve their course, while our Elected Officers hear from you in all-student meetings about the broader issues that matter to you. We run student-led campaigns on issues such as sustainability, sexual violence, and LGBT+ History, to raise awareness of issues that matter to students and make the Keele community a better place.