We elect students every year to direct the work we do. Find out more, nominate yourself, or vote in our election. Have your say and change your Students’ Union for the better!

Keele SU is proud to be a student led organisation. The most exciting part of this, you as students, get to choose who leads your union. Every student at Keele has the right to put themselves forward for a leadership position within their Students’ Union! Remember every student at Keele has the right to STAND, VOTE and CHANGE their Union!

Election Results!

Thank you to everybody who took part in our Union Assembly Elections! Voting has now been completed and the results can be seen below.

Mature Students' Delegate: Giselle Pearson
AU Delegate: Jack Sturge
Disabled Students' Delegate: Owen Foster
Womens' Delegate: Muzaina Shah, and Imogen Morgan Bailey
International Students' Delegate: Aliya Surti
LGBTQ+ Students' Delegate: Courtney Livingstone
Local and Commuter Students' Delegate: Abhinav Melathil
Societies' Delegate: Amy Lee, and Jack Heath
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' Delegate: Stephen Andrews, and Jack Medlin
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' Delegate: Rahil Siddiqui
Faculty of Natural Sciences' Delegate: Harry Macintyre

Congratulations to our new Union Assembly for 2024/25! We'd like to thank all of our candidates and every single one of you who voted. 

Elections | su.returningOfficer@keele.ac.uk