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Learn more about being a candidate and voting.

STV Voting

What is STV Voting?

Single Transferable Voting is the method of voting we use here at Keele. It allows you to rank your candidates in preference from your first choice ‘1’ until the point where you don’t want to further preference any candidates. Your second preference only comes into effect if your first preference has been eliminated…

It’s been explained in just one minute in this video, or this one.

Who is RON?

RON will appear on all ballots and is the option if you don’t like any of the candidates and want to Re-Open Nominations. This means that, if elected, the post will be re-advertised at the next by-elections.

I can’t login…

To login you need to click the button on the top right of the KeeleSU.com homepage, then login with your student credentials, this is the far left box with the university logo, not the ‘non-student’ login on the right. All current students have an active login, so if you’ve done this and can’t log in, get in touch with su.returningofficer@keele.ac.uk

I can’t ‘Self-Define’…

On first login to the site to vote, you should be prompted to self-define, if you're not or you want to update or change your self-definition preferences you can do this HERE 



Click on the resources below to open the documents. 

Presentation (Autumn By-Elections 2022)

Candidate Guidebook (Elections 2023)

Committee Elections Guidebook (Club/Soc Committee Elections 2021) 

Shopping List Form- For candidates to complete.

Shopping List Example

So you've not been Elected? (coming soon)

Updated resources coming in February 2022.

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