Societies Executive

The Societies Executive are a group of individuals elected from within societies who meet throughout the year to represent society needs and assist with their development.

The Societies Executive are a group of individuals elected from within existing society committees who meet throughout the year to focus on society development and within the following remit:

  • Guide and assist the Activities department with society activities or events
  • Holding the Activities and Community Officer to account and influencing their campaigns and priorities
  • Reviewing and voting on the annual Keele SU Society Awards
  • Having the power to call emergency Society Forums or Societies Exec Meetings
  • Hosting Society Forums on a quarterly basis
  • Deciding on sanctions for societies who are not following the Code of Conduct or complying with the Keele SU constitution
  • Approving union requests to dissolve inactive societies
  • Reviewing complaints which may result in disciplinary procedures
  • Reviewing Society Stripes applications
  • Review new society applications
  • Review society grant applications

If you or someone you know is interested in joining a society, please click here. If you are interested in creating a new society or applying for a grant, please click here.

You can contact the Societies Executive by emailing

Do you have an idea or a piece of feedback that you would like the team to feed back to the Activities Department? Submit your idea to the Societies' Executive now!

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Please Note: This form is for ideas and feedback around how Keele SU can improve the society experience for students. Any specific queries or complaints should be emailed to

Meet The Team: Societies Executive 2022-23


Natalie Hargrave (She/They)Image of Dan Pearson in front of Keele Hall, at Freshers' Gate

First Year PGCE in Mathematics

Committee Member for Rock Appreciation Posse and Hack Keele

 "I ran for societies executive this year as I have been taking part in societies since my very first few weeks at Keele. I feel like they are one of the most valuable parts of the student experience and I want to help them in the best ways that I can. Societies are still recovering from the pandemic, and I want to help give that extra little steppingstone for them to get more engagement and the recognition that they deserve."




Vic Presdee (They/Them)Image of Vic Presdee

Second Year, Sociology & Education

Committee Member for LGBTQ+ Society, Street Team, Cosplay Society and (In)Visible Disibilities

"As cheesy as it sounds, societies are one of my favourite parts of Keele student life, so I can't wait to help improve this experience for other students ??"




Sophie Tidd (She/Her)Portrait photo of Sophie Tidd

Third Year, Law with Professional Legal Practice

Committee Member For KRAP and KUBE

"I believe our societies are one of the greatest assets to our university and I want to help all societies in any way possible. Being in many societies before I understand many of the struggles that members may face, and I want to be there to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. One of my goals this year is to ensure greater transparency between the SU and the societies and that societies are all treated equally and fairly."



Alys Webber (She/Her)Portrait photo of Alys Webber

Third Year,  Forensic Science & Criminology

Committee Member for Drama Society

"I ran for societies executive because I want to be able to give back to the societies I am a part of, as well as helping other societies get involved and have their voices heard by Keele SU. I know that this pandemic has been hard on all of our societies, and I want to be a part of the rebuilding movement to help bring our societies back to their full capabilities. I am extremely excited to hear from all of you, and if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. "



Abdullah Masood

First Year, Pharmacy MA

Committee Member for Islamic Society, Pharmacy Society, Judo Society, Archery Society, Neurology and Neurosurgery Society

"I want to make a direct contribution to bettering the lives of students in Keele; particularly through the lenses of the various societies within the university. Many societies have great ideas and wish for their voices to be heard by the KeeleSU and I will be the bridge of communication to helping societies come together and get involved. After the devastating impacts of COVID, societies around Keele unfortunately felt the brunt force of having lesser engagement with potential members and my goal is to revive this and help all the societies thrive at their absolute best! Not only do I wish to uplift the societies that I am part of, but as many societies as possible, supported with my other fellow society executives :)"


Joel White (He/Him)
Vacant Position

Third Year, Accounting and Finance

Committee Member for Street Team

"I ran for societies executive because I did it last year and I found my knowledge was helpful to other students who needed support :)"





Cat Sawyer (She/Her)

Third year in Computer science

Committee member for Casual Gaming

"I ran for society executive because I have been involved in committees since my first year and I have seen the struggles societies face. I hope to help voice these issues and make it easier for everyone."

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