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Tenancy Agreement Checks

ASK can check your contract before you sign

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Tenancy agreement with key, house and pen


When you sign up to a tenancy you are entering into a legally binding contract; if you change your mind or need to leave early you are still liable for the rent and any other costs for the duration of the term so make sure you are happy with the property, the landlord, and the terms of your tenancy agreement.

It's important that you understand what you're signing - landlords should give you a copy of a contract to look over before you commit to anything and they should not rush you into signing it. If a landlord is trying to pressure you into signing then think carefully about whether you want them to be your landlord! 

If you will be living with other tenants, your tenancy agreement will be for either a joint tenancy or an individual tenancy. There are important differences between these two types of tenancies so make sure you know which one you would be entering into and understand your liability under each.

Visit our Tenancy Agreement page for information about what should be in your tenancy agreement, dodgy clauses to look out for, and your rights and responsibilities under the different types of tenancies.

ASK provides a contract checking service - you can send us a copy of the tenancy agreement before you sign and we will check it for any problems and answer any questions you have.