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Got an idea for a new society? Find out how you can set one up!

A society is a group of students with a shared interest, hobby or belief that is formally affiliated to Keele SU. We have around 150 of them at Keele, and they’re here to help you connect with like-minded people and generally get the most of your time at university. There’s usually something out there for everyone, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for we’re here to help you set up your own society!

Firstly, take a look at our existing list of groups to double check that your interest isn’t already represented. If you’re confident that your idea for a group is new and original, keep scrolling to find out how YOU can set one up!

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  • AUGUST 2023
  • NOVEMBER 2023
  • FEBRUARY 2024

This year we will accepting a max of 30 new societies

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What do you get from registering your society with Keele SU?

There are a number of benefits that groups can gain from affiliating with Keele SU, and it’s totally free to do so. As long as you are a student at Keele University we can help you make your idea happen, and help you gain valuable skills and experience that will help you when you leave. Some of these benefits include:

  • A page on the SU website, which you can edit and personalise
  • A financial account with KeeleSU
  • An email address & Microsoft Teams account
  • Access to grants, free room bookings, equipment and resources
  • A stall at Society Sign-Up and other events throughout the year
  • Access to skill development training and workshops
  • Help and support from KeeleSU Activities, a dedicated team of staff here to help facilitate clubs and societies (including budgeting advice, event planning, training, mediation, elections and much, much more!)


Criteria & Minimum Requirements


To gain approval, an application must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The hobby/belief/interest proposed must not already be represented by another club, society or SU department
  2. The group must meet the minimum committee requirements of having at least a President, Treasurer and one other position of the societies choice. (these three positions make up the Executive Committee)
  3. The group must be student-led
  4. The group must be able to present a list of 10 interested members on the application form
  5. The application process must be completed in full

If the application is rejected, it will likely be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The application was not made by a current member of KeeleSU (i.e. A student at Keele University)
  2. The group duplicates the role of an existing club or society, or has too much overlap
  3. The application does not seem student led (i.e. a member of staff or an external organisation has asked you to set up a society with Keele SU)
  4. Not all the application questions were answered
  5. The application was too brief or didn’t go into enough detail for us to fully understand the aims and purpose of the group
  6. The application expired because we did not hear back from you


Application Process


Step 1 - Pin Down your Idea

Figure out the purpose and aims of your society and get a committee together. Read through the application criteria  to make sure your group fits the minimum requirements. Try to gage how much interest there is amongst students so you have an idea of how popular the society might be.

Step 2 – Submit Your Application

If your group meets the minimum requirements, fill out and submit the application at the bottom of this page before the deadline. Be prepared to spend at least an hour writing your application, ensuring you include as much detail as possible. Don’t assume we know what your interest or activity is about – treat us as if we know nothing and tell us all about it!

Step 3 – Application Review

Once the deadline has passed, Activities will review all applications and decide which ones will be provisionally accepted. This list will then be reviewed by the Societies Executive, before students are contacted about the outcome of their application. This may take a few weeks, depending on how many applications we receive.

If your application is provisionally accepted, you’ll be invited to book a development meeting with one of the team. This must be arranged within seven days following our acceptance email, or our approval will be withdrawn and your application will expire. If your application is rejected you will receive an email explaining why, alongside feedback on how you can improve your application for next time.

Step 4 – Development Meeting

The purpose of these meetings is to meet you, ask any questions we might have about your application and find out a bit more about what you plan to do as a society. It’s nothing to be worried about, and is the last step before we fully accept your application and set up your group.

Step 5 – Final Approval

Once you’ve had your development meeting, Activities will confirm that you’re now considered an official society, and talk you through the next steps to get you started. This will include completing a risk assessment and finalising your committee positions



August 2023 - Applications are now closed

November 2023 - Applications are now closed

February 2024: 

- Applications open: Monday 5th February at 9am

- Applications close: Thursday 15th February 9am


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