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Keele's Teddy Bear Hospital is one part of an incredible nationwide scheme that focuses on teaching primary school children all about health and lifestyle!


Keele's Teddy Bear Hospital is just one part of an incredible nationwide scheme that focuses on teaching primary school children all about health and lifestyle, with a focus on trying to eliminate "White Coat anxiety" so they feel comfortable encountering healthcare professionals in the future. We are made up of volunteers from a variety of healthcare courses - most prominently Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Nursing. Participating in our school visits is a great way to get some experience in working with children, leadership and communication, so this is an ideal society to join if you're interested in working in fields like paediatrics or social work! Any hours that you spend with us on a visit with us can also contribute to your HEAR record. If you'd like to find out any more please get in touch!


On Wednesdays at 13:10pm, we meet outside David Weatherall and visit a primary school in the Stoke-on-Trent area. Transport is provided there and back, so all you need to do is be on time! We run two separate programs: Teddy Bear Hospital, which is for Reception/Year 1, and Junior Health, which is for Year 5/6. Both of them will involve the children breaking into smaller groups and rotating around 5 stations, each run by 1 or 2 of our volunteers, who will teach them about a particular topic. The children will also have the option to bring a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Below are the stations for each program:

Teddy Bear Hospital

Operations: Get dressed up as surgeons and make Fluffy the unicorn feel better!

Smiley Faces: Learn all about how to brush our teeth and keep our smiles healthy!

Emergencies:  All about what to do if we ever encounter an emergency!

Healthy Minds:  An introductory session about minds, moods and maintaining our mental health!

Disabilities and Injuries: Learning all about different disabilities and how they can impact individuals!

Junior Health

Asthma: Learn a bit more about this common condition!

Dementia Awareness: Get a deeper understanding of how dementia affects people’s lives and how we can help!

Healthy Eating:  Talk about nutrition and balanced diets!

Emergencies: Learn about how to help people who are unconscious!

Healthy Minds: Talk about different ways we can keep our minds as happy and healthy as possible!


Obviously, being a member of this society is a role that involves working with children in a professional environment and due to this, we require all volunteers to:

-Have a DBS certificate (once you join you need to send us the certificate number)

-Undergo a safeguarding training session (we will provide this in the form of a Teams call/pre-recorded video)

-Wear smart clothes (we want to make a good impression on the primary school staff)


Membership is £4.00 for the whole year, which covers transport, training and equipment. We are quite a low-committment society - we don't ask members to come for every single visit unless they want to, so joining Teddy Bear Hospital is a really great way to do some CV-boosting volunteering that fits around your schedule!

If you got this far, thank you for reading and we hope to see you on one of our visits this academic year!

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