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Keele Freemasonry Society

Keele Freemasonry Society (KFS)

To provide students the opportunity to find out more information about Freemasonry and ask any question to current Freemasons. We also aim to provide a more accessible route for membership of Freemasonry; a non-denominational, non-discriminatory organisation comprised of all religions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic background. These principals of non-discrimination have been the cornerstone of the organisation for over 300 years.

This society for Freemasonry is also here to promote friendship, charity, and self-improvement, and to provide a rich social circle full of all types of people (some that you otherwise might not ordinarily meet). We also aim to give young people the opportunity to meet others that are part of this worldwide, historic fraternity.

Universities of: Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, and Derby (to name but a few) all have associated student Masonic lodges. The Mens' lodge for Keele and Staffordshire University students is University Lodge of Staffordshire No.9907, and the Womens' lodge Keele and Staffordshire University students is Athena Lodge No.59 (so named after Athena, Olympian Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, education and justice), where we hope members of this society will progress to, should they so wish. 

If you are interested in learning more about the organisation, feel free to contact us at:

Learn more about the University Scheme and Freemasonry in general in the video below:


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