IDK is here to support all invisible and visible disabilities at Keele. Here to raise awareness, educate, support and have a safe space for anyone.

Welcome to (In)Visible Disabilities at Keele, or, as we affectionately call it, IDK.  Our committee is a mixed group of students who all have disabilities themselves, so understand what life at university is like for those with disabilities.  IDK is new (set up in January 2020), so whilst we don't have the biggest portfolio to show you everything we do and to support what we want to achieve - the easiest way to describe what we do is creating a safe space.  We want spaces for everyone, with varying levels of ability, to be able to take part in the same sports (watch this space, we have things in planning), we want people to be able to feel confident in living independently at uni and we want you to all have a great bunch of friends to go with it.

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Green background image featuring a photo with 6 people surrounded by cartoon sunflowers, there is also text that says "(In)Visible Disabilities at Keele Do you have disability? Or identify as being disabled? Join our society to keep in touch with others like you. We're a group of supportive individuals all with disabilities ourselves. Find us on social media or send us an email for more information."


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