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Most of this generation has grown up playing Pokemon, and it holds a special place in many people's memories. So come along, meet other trainers around Keele and become an ultimate Pokemon Master!


This society aims to bring together Pokémon lovers from many different backgrounds, and we hope to create a friendly community here at Keele for future generations to enjoy. Whether you're into Pokémon GO, the mainline games, the spinoffs, the Trading Card Game, the mobile games, the movies or the anime, there will be events for all! We have many plans for the future of this society which include:

  • Hosting Pokémon GO raid hour every Wednesday evening at 6PM-7PM
  • Hosting monthly Pokemon GO community days meet-ups
  • Creating VGC local tournaments
  • Organising Trading with other Keele students
  • Organising trips to various Pokémon events in the UK
  • Anime/Movie watch parties
  • Trading Card Game events
  • New Mainline game release events and playthroughs
  • Nuzlockes and Soul Links
  • Pokémon Showdown battling
  • Pokémon UNITE competitive play with the Esports Society

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/Y8mJfk67jg

Inter-Uni Discord: https://discord.gg/u62mTrwzTj




  • Pokemon Society Student Membership£5.00


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