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Kink society aims to provide a safe educational space for individuals who practice, are involved in elements of kink and BDSM culture or are new to the community and just want to learn more. Whether this be expressed through power dynamics, the practice of kinks such as shibari, or BDSM. Consent, safety and awareness are core to our society’s values.

The society is a safe space to discuss kink in an educational way, not a place to practice kink or find sexual partners. We are open to anyone of any experience or education level, from those who have been practising for years, to those who are completely new to it.

The society will run a combination of both chill socials and educational workshops for members to engage with.

Our logo shows various elements of kink: such as sub/Dom dynamics, (collar and leash), aftercare (teddy bear) and impact play (flogger).

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