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Welcome to Keele University's re-enactment and living history society! Focussed on 12th and 15th century history, but always looking to expand if someone has ideas and expertise, we are affiliated with Historia Normannis, a nationwide organisation that accurately portrays life in Anglo-Norman Britain during the 12th century (think Robin Hood), as well as Bellum Fraternum, for the plate armour of the 15th.


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Every Sunday from 11:00 we run full training sessions in re-enactment safe combat, as would have been the case back in the 12th century, down at the field near the Sneyd Arms in Keele Village ( New members are welcome at any time in the year, and getting there is easy! Facing towards the road down Lindsay, just turn right, walk along past Holly Cross and the Oaks, and within 10 minutees you'll see our field and the village beyond it. For the first few weeks of term we also have a member waiting at the Forest of Light so new members can be shown the way.

After training we hold Sunday craft sessions where members are taught lifelong skills such as sewing, leatherwork, woodwork and metalwork, in order to produce their own items of authentic 12th century kit to wear at shows over the summer. These are held at the Lindsay social space (also known as the Hex) from 19:00. We also run dedicated craft sessions at the same time and place every Thursday (

All of this is buildup to our nationwide affiliate's summer show season, where fellows come together from across the UK in living history shows and mock battles that can be thousands strong.

But we are always flexible with our members' varying amounts of time and commitment. Just want to come to craft? Just like combat? Want advice on getting hold of some of your own kit and going to re-enactors markets? Or happy with the group offerings? We look forwards to seeing you anyway!

See you soon!

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