American Football

We are the Keele Crusaders American Football Team, one of the newest sports clubs at the University.

The Keele Crusaders American Football team is one of the largest and most exciting sports club at the University. We are about to start our sixth season in BUCS.

Following a strong season and a close game against Staffordshire at Varsity the team has never looked better. We aim to continue to increase our strengths into the coming year. With the growth of American Football in the UK we are looking forward to the future of our sport and want as many people as possible to become a part of it. We’re a very welcoming group of guys and we are aware that many of our new applicants may have never played the sport before. It is easy to pick up and is a fun, tactical and thrilling game, and even though we have a large squad, this sport allows anyone to make an impact.

The sport is open to both Men and Women as we play in one of the few BUCS mixed leagues. We have a brilliant opportunity to include people of all shapes and sizes, as there is such a diversity of positions in the sport any body type can be incredibly valuable. Socially we hold events throughout the semester, which is a fantastic way to meet people from outside of your course.

So if you fancy the challenge of learning a new sport, with the excitement of the game and the enjoyment of the social side of the team then visit us at the AU Sports Fair or contact us on our social media pages at any time of the year!

Keele Crusaders American Football Team

Training Times

Wednesdays | 07:30-9am | 3G

Thursdays | 8-10pm | MUGA

Sundays | 09:30-11:30am | 3G

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