Animanga Society
Welcome to Animanga! We tackle all things anime and manga, and serve as a great place for meeting other like minded people with the same interest! Click the linkr to see our socials!

~Our society is home to all things anime and manga- from visual novels to gacha games, cosplay to J-pop, we cover all the Japanese media you could possibly think of!~

We are currently working on upcoming social events, so stay tuned, there's a lot to come! Regular updates will be posted in the Animanga discord, as that is currently the most active platform, so hop on over and get to meeting new people! We've got a huge range of activities in the making: anime screenings, group outings, online streaming and more. We've even organised trips to Comic con in the past, where talented cosplayers among us have shown off their amazing costumes! Be sure to come along to one of our socials (they're completely free!) and meet the team behind animanga; it's a great way to make new friends who share similar interests! Whether you're already a fan or are interested in getting into anime and want to find out more, we look forward to welcoming you! Irasshaimase!!


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