Bikers of Keele

Bikers Of Keele

It's not exactly the best weather for staying rubber side down but here we are... 

Bikers of Keele is a brand new society aimed at providing a network for motorbikers and motorbike enthusiasts.

  • Don't have a license but want one? Ask us for info, advice and tips
  • Don't have a bike but like garage talk or watching MotoGP? Why not join?
  • Go on group rides, buddy up and share expertise..
  • Argue why your Yamaha R6s' ABS is superior to the other ABS tech on the market
  • Attend local bike meets and get involved with the larger biker community
  • We have some charity events in mind (COVID dependent)

We are a very easy going society welcoming motorbikes of all sizes and style.. Got a moped? No discrimination here


We are planning on organising group CBT sessions (that is Compulsory Basic Training, not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for 2021 - This will be the first step on your journey to two wheels. Details to follow...



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