Founded in 2010 and we've been paddling about ever since. Intense training, fantastic socials and a team like no other.

Boat club fun photo
KUBC are a lively crew from across Keele’s campus. Some of us have rowed before uni- most of us haven't! The club has been making waves since 2010 and loves to welcome new crew mates! Anyone can row at Keele, the club is open to all. We train both on and off the water in our own dedicated erg room in the Sports Centre and at nearby Rudyard Lake. Rudyard Lake is a 2.7 km long reservoir and is also home to North Staffs Rowing Club. (Don’t worry, transport is organised by the club).
We compete on and off the water at inter-university BUCS competitions, as well as smaller north-western regattas and head races. Check out our social media accounts to see what we’ve been up to throughout the year.
The club welcomes many novice rowers each year so we hold learn to row weekends where they really get comfortable in a boat. Don’t worry,  there’s no pressure to join if you realise the sport is not for you after this point. The novice crews for both men and women are made up from complete newbies with no rowing experience before university. Over the year they learn both sweeping and sculling techniques. For the more experienced rowers there is a senior squad. These people may or may not have rowed before university but have developed their skill and techniques to progress through the clubs training program.  Even though we have different squads there is no divide between them and we really are a close knit bunch.
Don’t fancy rowing but still want to join in the fun? Join us as a cox- full training is available
Socials are an integral part of team life like everything at KUBC they are inclusive too. We have both sober- and not so sober socials. No pressure to attend though as the choice is always yours. Post-race drinks are always a great way celebrate and unwind after a long day of racing. A social membership is available too if you'd like to attend with no training commitments.
Where can you find us?
We are a friendly little bunch of people so come and chat to us at events throughout freshers week and beyond. We will be at sports fair during Freshers Week in the sports centre, so come and chat to us about KUBC.


Novice Women erg 18:30

Novice Men erg 19:30


Novice Women Erg 7:30

Senior Men erg 17:00

Senior Women     18:00

Novice Men Erg  19:30


Lake Session 13:00-17:00


Senior Men erg 19:00

Senior Women erg 20:30


Novice Women 7:30

Senior Men erg 15:00


Lake Session 12:00- 17:00


Lake Session 11:00-17:00

For lake and erg sessions, meet at the Sports Centre reception.


  • BoatClub Student Membership£125.00
  • BoatClub Membership Semester1£42.00
  • BoatClub Coxing Membership£10.00
  • Boat Club I'm Interested - Tell me more!£0.00
  • BoatClub Social Membership£15.00

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  • SU Discount Hologram Sticker£4.00
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