A sporting society focused on boxing involving physical fitness, drills and sparring divided into two different sessions.

We will be running sessions once a week; this session will incorporate fitness and boxing drills and sparring at a local boxing club.

Training session: Wednesday Evening (2:30 - 3:30pm)

Confused by our memberships? On the right, you can buy a membership to suit your needs.

Associate full membership = £100.00 (Two installments of £50.00)

Student full membership = £80.00 (Two installments of £40.00)

Boxing membership = £60.00 (Two installments of £30.00)

Fitness membership = £20.00 (Two installments of £10.00)


If you are a student and would like the full boxing experience from the intense training to the technical sparring then buy the Student full membership.

If you are not a Keele student, however, would still like to join our Society then the Associate full membership is best for you!

If you would just like to improve your fitness then we offer a Fitness membership priced at £20.00 per year in which we will be running weekly fitness sessions to include spinning, circuits, and runs.

Alongside this, if you would just like to come down to the local boxing gym with us every Wednesday and get trained by a professional then our Boxing membership at £60.00 per year.


  • Boxing Society Associate Membership (Term)£50.00
  • Boxing Society Full Student Membership (Term)£40.00
  • Boxing Society Fitness (Term)£10.00
  • Boxing Society Only Membership (Term)£30.00
  • Boxing Society Full Student Membership (Full Year)£80.00
  • I'm interested in Boxing Society - Tell me more!£0.00
  • Boxing Society I'm Interested - Tell me more!£0.00

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  • Boxing Hoodies£35.00
  • Initials on boxing hoodies£2.00
  • hoodie x2£35.00
  • initials.2£2.00
  • Boxing Hoodie£37.73
  • AKUMA Adults Kirin Hoodie- Black and Red£31.73
  • Akuma Adult Kirin Microfiber Shorts£16.12
  • Akuma Adults Kirin Technical Vest£16.12
  • Akuma Adult Kirin Technical T-Shirt£17.34
  • Akuma Adult Cotton Joggers£25.50
  • Akuma embroidery of club/ team crest£3.50
  • Akuma Vinyl print£1.50
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