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Keele Young Conservatives (KYC) is for Conservative Party members and supporters.

Who are we?

Socials. Campaigning. Networking.

Keele Young Conservatives is a nationally affiliated Young Conservative society that acts as a forum and community for like minded people at Keele - whether you see yourself as a future politician, a Margaret thatcher fan, or just support small c values, and think you might just interested in finding out more. 

We have members who have never campaigned, some who campaign regularly; and even some who have stood as candidates in local elections, 

As a society, we regularly hold events with politicians, local groups and inspiring and interesting people from across politics and related areas - giving members access to a wide range of events and experiences.

Whether it’s meeting Boris Johnson, attending Party Conferences, having a social event with Aaron Bell MP, campaigning with Jonathan Gullis MP, or meeting Robert Jenrick MP - we’re always doing something or offering our members new and exciting opportunities.

From being invited aboard the 2015 campaign bus, to overturning a labour majority and returning a Conservative MP for the first time in Newcastle-under-Lyme's history, we’re a great society to get involved in, or at least try out. 

We look forward to meeting you!



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