Welcome to Keele University's Debate and Discussion Society! You'll be pleased to hear the society is returning for the 2021/22 year, free speech is reborn!

The Keele Debate and Discussion Society is a proud, exciting, and double award-winning society which seeks to provide a platform for all students to engage in debate and discussion on a variety of issues.

Central to the society’s philosophy is a dedication and a passion for debating, freedom of expression, critical thought and open-mindedness. We welcome anyone and everyone to take part in our deliberations and events, regardless of your level of experience or confidence. The Keele Debate and Discussion Society is an inclusive and welcoming society; our membership is both diverse in terms of gender and background, but also our members are diverse in academic discipline, values and thoughts, something which we feel is overlooked in society.  Don't worry if you've never debated in this type of environment before, our committee will be on hand to help and advise you on how our weekly sessions work. We'll be debating many different topics in the current political climate as well as debating policies that are being implemented here at Keele University so that we can hear what all of you as students have to say about them. Whilst K.D.A.D.S is affiliated to Keele University’s Students’ Union, we retain full independence over the content of debates held and the society remains a safe space for freedom of speech & expression, away from the toxicity of "cancel culture", no-platforming and censorship. We only serve our fantastic membership base and we will not allow the SU or any pressure groups wishing to shut us down, to interfere in our internal affairs.

Debate sessions will have a new motion every week at 5pm on Thursdays. These are open to all students to join, and you're welcome to join us for drinks after! Having spoken to other societies on campus, they have sportingly agreed to attend special debates that relate directly to something they are affiliated with (e.g. for the feminist society we can have a debate on feminism, we can hold a debate on socialism in collaboration with societies such as Labour, Conservative etc).

So what are you waiting for? After all, membership only costs £1...

Go ahead and sign up! 

Have any questions? Please feel free to get in touch via our FB page


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