We stage SIX productions a year, consisting of published plays, student-written plays, a 24 hour "Play in a Day" marathon, a charity "One Acts" Festival and our outdoor Summer Shakespeare. We have an Improv group called BRIE, and a new type of show called 'Keele Drama Presents...' as a way to encourage writing and put on even more performances a year. We love actors, writers, tech people, costume makers, directors, stagehands, makeup artists, and many more; we all have a home in KDS!
We also hold weekly socials - you can find us in the KPA every Wednesday evening at 8pm ranging from costume events, music-themed evenings, open mic nights, pub quizzes, game shows, neon parties and many many more, so keep an eye out on our social media. These are open to all and are completely FREE! Come and say Hi and have a silly laugh with great people!

In addition, every Friday 6-8pm we have Workshops: led by professionals or experienced members we explore many different types of theatre through fun games and challenging activities. These are open to all abilities and are completely FREE. Workshops are a great way to introduce yourself to the society! 

Opportunity to go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, THE BIGGEST Theatre festival in the country! You can perform at the festival and see so many fantastic performances, it is a must for theatre lovers!
We are one of the busiest societies at Keele and are proud of our long history of over +70 years putting on theatre for the whole community. A friendly and outgoing society, we hold many fun and varied socials each year to which all members are invited to join in on, make friends and ultimately make the most of their KDS experience. We are open to all abilities, hope to grow people's confidence and make your Keele Life the best it can be. 

For the most up to date KDS information, join our Facebook Group here: 

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