Keele Esports looks to be a hub for gamers of all skill levels, whilst offering students who wish to play on a competitive level the ability to do so!

Keele Esports Society was set up in 2016 to create a community of students who are interested in all aspects of competitive gaming, on both the professional scene and the amateur level.

As a society, we have 4 main objectives.

 To provide a structured environment to play in inter-university competitions.
This includes LoL, CS:GO, VALORANT, Overwatch, Rocket League and more, as well as covering fighting games such as Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat! We encourage players of all skill levels to join, even brand new players!

 To run an enthusiastic society engaged with esports, hosting regular social events.
These include viewing parties, traditional social events, "anti-social" gaming events and further large scale events, such as varsity tournaments versus other universities and open tournaments for entrants all over the UK! Having recently merged with the fighting game community, we are able to provide weekly social events for a variety of games in the scene.

 To run in-house competitions and LANs for the social and competitive gamer alike.
This generally includes all games we support, such as 5 man stacks for stuff like CSGO and LoL, but also more casual fun offline experiences that we run regularly like Smash Bros Ultimate! These LANs will also utilise our high-spec Overclockers UK Gaming Lab, which has exclusive access for members of the Esports society!

To create a safe and fun environment for gamers to enjoy gaming.
We want all people within our society to use gaming as an outlet to meet and spend time with others. Our social events such as monthly gaming and movie nights, along with support for other popular games means we enable our more casual members to enjoy a positive gaming experience!


If you're interested, feel free to join our Discord Server, Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!


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