We organize events and campaigns in solidarity with the Palestine people. We promote BDS actions and spread awareness about settler colonial practices of Israel in the West Bank, Gaza and Palestine-48


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We are a society devoted to showcase the unique culture of Palestine, their way of life and their current situation. As a society we would like raise awareness about the unjustly causes that are taking place right now and finding new innovative ways that, we as a people can show our humanity for the Palestinian people by spreading messages of freedom, justice and liberation.

We aim to collaborate with different societies to join us in inclusive, fun and informative activities. Some of which include enjoying good, cultural food through a Potluck event, as well as being more engaging with Keele students through quiz nights, karaoke nights and other exciting activities. Furthermore, we like to be more educational, by having more workshops that will showcase the history of Palestine and the current affairs of Palestinians. We acknowledge the Palestinian struggle as a part of a wide coalition of human right battles and therefore we work with other groups on campus that fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and other unjust forms of oppression.  

We are very much welcoming to people who are unaware of Palestinian culture, and hope to raise awareness to more and more individuals to come to our stress-free events with good food and a good time.

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