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Keele Harry Potter Society - one of Keele's largest societies, a great place to meet all sorts of people. We run regular events and socials!

Keele Harry Potter Society was refounded in 2019 by a group of enthusiastic Potter Heads. The society was an instant success and ran popular socials becoming one of the largest societies on campus.

We have many great socials planned including, film showings, board games, and quizzes.

So why join? You can take part in all our activities throughout the year. You can get sorted into your Hogwarts house and gain house points so you can win the House Cup at the end of the year!

You can also enter a raffle for your chance to win a FREE wand - all you have to do is become a member, it's only £2 for the entire year!.

If you're interested in joining our society, it is never too late! We welcome everyone from every year, country and subject.

You can join our discord sever for more interaction within the society. This is also where most of the information about socials will be shared. 

Feel free to contact us using the society email where the President or Secretary will get back to you.

Committee Members

Preisdent - Andi

Treasurer - Izzy

Secretary - Owen

Welfare and Liberation Officer - Izzy

Head of Gryffindor - Izzy

Head of Ravenclaw - N/A

Head of Hufflepuff - Connor

Head of Slytherin - Inka


> Make sure you sign in to our Discord Server to get more information about socails and updates!

> Be sure not to miss out on our latest socials, follow our Instagram to keep up to date with all the magic.

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