Assalamu'alaikum everyone! Welcome to Keele ISoc! We are a vibrant community working together to serve your social and spiritual needs on campus! Everyone is welcome!

At the heart of Keele ISoc is the Keele Islamic Centre where you can meet lots of new people from all types of backgrounds and ethnicities. We organise social events such as games night, quiz night, weekly sports and Monday Madness to spiritual sessions such as weekly halaqah's and sister's circle.

Throughout the year, we run campaigns and this year you have all this to look forward to:

  • Charity Week - we raise as much money as we can in two weeks which includes a climb up Mt Snowdon. One year we raised £50 short of £20,000 - (watch video below)
  • Islamophobia Awareness Week with Keele SU- highlighting the growing rates of Muslim hate crime through talks and a digital video
  • Believe and Do Good Week - helping the community by carrying out good deeds such as litter picking and making homeless hampers
  • Discover Islam Week - inviting people to learn about our faith, which includes the most anticipated event of the year, 'One Blessed Night', which brings together all faiths at Keele

However, 'Freshers Week' is firstly upcoming! Follow us on all our socials @keele.isoc to find out more. 

To conclude, at Keele Isoc you will never be left hungry as we usually serve pizza or biryani at our events but most importantly whilst eating you will meet friends for life. No matter what your level of practising, a revert or looking into Islam, you are more than welcome in our society! Keele isoc is for everyone! #keeleisoc #yourisoc

'Join in, take part, and remember Keele Isoc belongs to you and all Muslim students, so use it to its full potential'. Become a member today!

To do list:

  1. Don't forget to sign up to our society and add our membership to your basket for an amazing year, for only £2!
  2. Click on our link tree to access the mailing list and for more information regarding the ISoc!
  3. Get access to Keele Islamic Centre with your student card through this link
  4. Follow us on all social media to keep up to date with our events!



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Four Waterfalls Trek
6th February




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