The Keele Karate Club is part of the international, non-profit making KDS organisation headed by Harada Sensei (MBE), one of the original Karate masters in the world.

The Keele University Karate is taught by several instructors, including a fifth dan black belt (the highest grade attainable within the KDS) who also instructs nationally and internationally. 

The club is very active inside and outside the university, with members regularly doing charity work and attending national karate courses. Due to this hard work, the Karate Club has received several awards, such as the Cath Barnet Shield, a previous captain receiving the 'Sportswoman of the Year' award, and other members receiving half or merit colours.

Our aim is to practice Karate that allows effective self-defence in a real situation. The majority of training is partner-based to effectively utilise the techniques we learn. Karate is a great way to build up fitness, and we work with each person to reach their potential.

We also host socials and gradings throughout the year, and we regularly attend the AU ball. Any experience level welcome! First session is free!

Training Times

Tuesday, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Thursday, 7:00pm -8:30pm

Gymnasium, Sports Centre, Keele University campus


  • Karate Student Membership£15.00
  • Karate Associate Membership£15.00
  • Karate I'm Interested - Tell me more!£0.00
  • Karate Student Membership + Karate Suit£15.00

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  • Karate session credit£1.99
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