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Keele Book Club: noun. A social and seasonal book club designed to respect your time.

  • Founded by two Computer Science students and one Philosophy student earlier this year, we seek to encourage and inspire more people to read by creating this social club.
  • Due to recommended social distancing measures and university guidelines, our main service for 2020/21 will be a Discord server which anyone can join.
  • We are a pretty chill club, with members who come and go, so feel free to drop in at anytime and take part and drop out when you need to. The aim of this club is to get a few people sharing a common journey and help relax from their stressful day to day lives, with the help of a good book.


  1. One book, voted by Members before each season, is chosen each season/every 13 weeks based on a random theme (Sci-Fi, Goth, Historical, etc - chosen by the committee at the start of the year) so we will be following 4 books a year, total. (This year is CLASSICS, HORROR, FANTASY and ROMANCE)
  2. The book must be small enough to allow members to read 3 chapters a week within a 13 week period, so it must have a maximum 39 chapters. This is to allow ease of following along and quick catching up for our Members.
  3. There will be an optional discussion each week, every Saturday evening (7PM BST), where we can discuss what we think of the book insofar (So in our second week, we can discuss up to Chapter 6, for example) and there will be a general discussion on the final week (depending on how many chapters on in the book), which will have some general discussion questions to get people's opinions on the book.

Season Dates

Autumn, CLASSICS [October 24th 2020 - December 12th 2020] (ONGOING)

  • (currently reading) The Picture of Dorian Gray (Link to online book:

Winter, HORROR [December 12th 2020 - February 28th 2021] (OPEN)

  • TBA

Spring, FANTASY [March 1st 2021 - May 28th 2021] (OPEN)

  • TBA

Summer, ROMANCE [June 1st 2021 - August 31st 2021] (OPEN)

  • TBA


  1. Where can I find information on the current book?
    • We will keep the Season Dates updated with which book we are currently reading, what chapter we are on and which week will be finished. (check the Discord for latest updates though)
  2. Can we choose a book less than 39 chapters?
    • Yes and we will have some free, unallocated time until the next season's book begins (check dates above) Remember we are flexible and we know you are busy so you can get some work done or read a book recommended by other Members!
  3. Can I help design a new Book Club logo?
    • Yes. If you would like to help redesign our logo, please post in #chat submissions in our Discord.

Current Committee

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