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Keele Labour Students is a social and campaigning group associated with the UK Labour Party. Holding regular socials and campaigning for issues and charities locally.

Keele Labour Students is a social and campaigning group associated with the UK Labour Party and Labour Students.

While we are associated with these two groups you don't have to wholeheartedly agree with everything they stand for to join our society!

We are committed to campaigning for the Labour Party, particularly working alongside Newcastle-Under-Lyme & Stoke-On-Trent CLPs, but we also campaign for local issues and charities we feel passionate about.

We also put on a varied programme of socials, events and trips for members. From trips to Parliament and the People's History Museum to socials like our legendary Greggs socials (eating a steak bake & talking politics - what more could you want)

We try to make sure to provide for everyone in our society, from seasoned campaigners to those with just a casual interest in Labour Party politics.

We usually meet on Tuesday evenings at the KPA Clubhouse, but we'll keep you updated on any changes via e-mail and social media if you sign up. 

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