The Keele Life Sciences Society (KLSS) aims to act as a central hub for students reading degrees within the diverse School of Life Sciences at the University of Keele.

Whether you are doing a Single Honours or Double Honours degree, every Life Sciences scholar's (the term used by lecturers for us Uni students!) membership not only gets you exclusive e-mails and bulletins about upcoming events before everyone else, but also gives you access to our merchandise sales, discounts on tickets for socials hosted every month and early access to our Summer Ball tickets. You don't even have to be studying one of the Life Sciences subjects, any Keele University student can be a member of the society- handy if your friends want to come the same socials as you or if you're just interested in the science events/talks! 

If you're a fresher or current student who wants to join, KLSS will allow you to meet new people beyond your year and course group. All of the VIRTUAL Freshers Events 2020/21 coming soon- Pub Quiz, Bingo Night and Escape Room! Joining in the Fresher's events is highly recommended and it could be where you'll meet your friends for life, like it has been for current and past KLSS members! We are all one big family- there to help academically and socially. 

The society also aims to work on 3 major aspects: Charity, Academic Support and Social Opportunities. We aim to give back to the community and raise money and awareness for causes that may affect our very own members; if you would like to raise a profile of a certain charity important to you just contact us. We also aim to help our members in the years of study during University by providing peer support opportunities or helping our members engage with opportunities to explore future career paths. We also aim to let our members help and volunteer at all the events we carry out to help build on key skills, but most of all we also make sure we have a great time by focusing on social opportunities, such as our grand Summer formal Ball and a wide variety of socials (alcoholic and not!) throughout the year.

To buy a year's membership for our society, just go to the "Join Us" tab on this page. All your support would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you from the KLSS committee!


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