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The Keele Life Sciences Society aims to act as a central hub for students reading degrees within the diverse School of Life Sciences at the University of Keele.

The Keele Life Sciences Society aims to act as a central hub for students reading degrees within the Life Sciences at Keele (see: -

Students reading any of the following degrees are invited to join: Biology, Human Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science and/or Neuroscience. Even if you aren't studying within the School of Life Sciences but have an interest in one of the above areas, consider joining the largest Society at Keele University -- everyone is welcome!

If you are on the Science Foundation Year and are hoping to start a Life Sciences degree upon completion, why not get involved with the society now!

We aim to continue on the foundations built last year in providing social events such as meals, cinema trips, and nights out at the SU (of course!), all in order to create and maintain the family that we have here in Life Sciences.

We also have an academic focus with KLSStudy, our peer support consultancy system. Check out our FB page and e-mail for updates! In addition to this, we try to reach out to professionals and organisations to come in and host them as guest speakers to deliver interesting content to highlight certain topics or encourage our members to get involved out there!

We also raise money to charities and organisations throughout the academic year, and if you would like to raise a profile of a certain charity important to you, contact us!

Join the Keele Life Sciences Society here (2018/2019 Official FB Group): -


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Alzheimer's Awareness Day
Chancellor's Building
Join us on the 6th of March at Chancellor'd Building to help raise awareness for Alzheimer's Research UK! We will be hosting two guest speakers delivering super interesting talks, and there will also be a chance to engage with current research!
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