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Hello, we're Keele Maths Society!

Proposition: Keele Maths Soc is a subset of the intersection of the set of Maths lovers in Keele, and the set of people who've seen a squirrel on the way to a lecture.

Proof: Trivial

Maths Soc is a great way to meet people on your course all the way up from 1st to 3rd year (maybe 4th). We're planning on running social and fundraising events, as well as trips out - what better reward could there be for racing that last assignment? This, of course, all leads up to our End of Year Ball which is a wonderful way to round off the year. Along with all the fun and games, we'll be offering study sessions (hopefully with tea and cake) to help you keep on track.

You'll usually be able to find at least one member of the committee in the Maths Workroom (AKA Mac 2.42 - near the lift) or a very knowledgeable 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year if you have any questions. The workroom is where we'll be running sales for hoodies, any trips out, and of course tickets for our End of Year Ball.

We really hope you'll join us this year! Stay awesome, Maths Soc!

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