If you are trying something new, or are a seasoned pro, Keele Rugby provides both enjoyable and competitive rugby for all levels. As a major club on campus getting involved is not to be missed.

At Keele Rugby, we pride ourselves on a huge level of professionalism whilst still maintaining an easygoing atmosphere aided by a bunch of friendly and welcoming lads who accommodate a range of ages and abilities within the club. Sport at Keele is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people as well as providing an opportunity to help de-stress during term time. We could not recommend a better group of people to do that with than those at KURFC.

We currently host three union teams within the university, with the 1XV playing in BUCS Northern 1A and the 2XV in Northern 4A.. Our 3XV team are fostering a close link with the local Newcastle Rugby Club to ensure that all players get enough game time. We train 2/3 times a week and play every Wednesday afternoon including both home and away games. Home games, in particular, attract a loyal crowd of supporters providing a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Outside of rugby, we host a range of activities within the university. Our charitable events range from delivering roses for students on Valentine’s Day to our campus-renowned annual naked calendar and drag day. Through on the pitch triumphs and excellent post-game socials there is a strong camaraderie between all members.

There will be taster sessions at the start of the semester and we will be at the AU fair during fresher’s week so come along to speak to the team! Please feel free to email ahead with any questions you may have or request to join our Facebook group.

Training Times

Mondays | 7-8:30pm | 3G

Sundays | 11am-1pm | Grass Pitches



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