Keele Philharmonic Orchestra and Keele Voices choir are student-run societies welcoming players from both the student and staffing bodies of Keele University, as well as from the local community.

If you enjoy classical music, then Keele Philharmonic Ensembles will offer something for you! Whether you sing or play an orchestral instrument, we are always ready to welcome new members. We don't care whether you've been singing in a choir or playing in an orchestra for years or if it is your first time in this sort of environment - come and give either group a go!
We usually perform around 3 concerts a year in the University chapel - a stunning venue - presenting a range of classical repertiore, however this year, things will be looking slightly different. In normal circumstances, we perform a variety of orchestral and choral pieces, with usually one piece involving both the orchestra and the choir. We are focused on community participation in music and are always looking for opportunities to perform with passionate new members, in new venues, to as many people as possible.
We are always looking for new members and welcome players of approximately grade 5 standard and above to the orchestra, although anyone is welcome to come along and have a go!
For this academic year, we will be focused on producing virtual projects for both the choir and orchestra. This year, KPE Orchestra will put together a virtual showcase for this semester, since physical rehearsals are out of question currently. This involves submitting a video of yourself or you and someone else (whilst following government guidelines), performing an orchestral piece of your choice. This could be a piece that you've previosuly studied or one that you are particularly passionate about. 
Submissions can be sent from the 5th October-7th December. 
If you would like to use a backing track, then please play the backing track on a separate device to the one that you will record yourself on. This will ensure that in the final product, we will be able to find a nice balance between your playing and the backing track. 
Therefore, when filming your performance, please acknowledge with a clap or a nodd, when the track begins. This is so we can sync your performance at the correct time in the editing. 
We will set up a folder within KPE's Microsoft Teams, where you can submit you recordings. To access the Teams account, you will have to buy membership in order for the SU to add you. 
There will also be a folder for people to submit their backing tracks. Please label with your name and piece. 
Once the rules are relaxed enough for small gatherings of multiple households to come together, we will work towards making physical rehearsals resume as quickly as possible. 
Also for this academic year, KPE's Choir, Voices, will also be working towards virtual projects. Like most choirs, we will be meeting up on Zoom, on Thursday's 5:30-7pm , where we will continue to work on the Rachmaninoff Bogoroditse Devo from last year. 
The Zoom link for KPE's Voices (Choir) Rehearsal is below:


Any more questions about the Orchestral Showcase, please feel free to get in touch by email or Facebook! 







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