Keele Poker Society (KPS) is a place for people to learn and play poker affordably. We welcome players of all levels from absolute beginners to the advanced.

On this homepage you can find several useful pieces of information regarding KPS, for more frequent updates, be sure to check out our Facebook page. Don't be shy to send a message to our email address if you have a query about joining up. We hope some of the more pressing questions can be addressed in a quick FAQ.

Can I be in KPS without actually gambling real money?

Absolutely. There will always be an option in our sessions and game nights to use our cards, chips etc. to play games without any kind of betting or buy ins with real cash. If you want to join just to play for fun or get to learn poker before making any kind of bet than we are happy to welcome you. We will try to ensure a casual environment where you can arrive, pull up a chair and join a game at your own leisure.

For those who want to really gamble, we have several options regarding betting. We hope to set up tournaments which use an online ticket system, similar to how you purchase a membership fee. With it you can enter the tournament and be legible to win prizes without any cash-in-hand. In future we hope to compete with other universities. Of course, you're all adults and its your money but legally we cannot provide a service in this fashion (take a cut) in casual play. 

What type of Poker do you play?

The most common type of poker we play and help beginners with is Texas Hold 'em, although we are willing to try out all kinds of poker and other types of gambling, such as P.L.O (Pot Limit Omaha), Five/Seven Card Stud, Blackjack, and so on.

Do you have any positions available in your committee?

Everyone on our committee is new to the society running experience. If you want to join in hopes of gaining some sort of experience e.g. as a dealer for a casino than we're open to suggestions!

I've joined this society in the past, but got not response... what happened there?

Since early 2016, this society essentially went dark for unknown reasons, now recently revived and ready to start again. If you have enquired and are prepared to join in the 2018/9 academic year please contact us and we can ensure your membership. As the old membership fee was higher (£10.00), or if you want a refund/are leaving the university, we can arrange to get your money back when possible.


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