Keele Psychology Society - All students welcome, whether you study Psychology or you just want to meet and socialise with some new people.

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Keele Psychology Society Welcomes all members, regardless of whether you are a Psych Student, or if you are from another course and  just take an interest in Pop-Psychology. Over the course of the year, we will be running a variety of academic and social events where you can make friends and take part.

Such events have involved: Movie Nights, Guest Lecturers and Staff Talks, Pub Quizzes, and Socials before big nights out in the SU. We have previously hosted End of Year Balls in Keele Hall, which have proven to be great successes amongst students. 

We are primarily active on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, so do give us a follow on there to stay up to date on upcoming socials and events. Also Keep up to date on Keele Freshers page 18/19 here: 

In order to keep the society running, all we ask is a small membership fee of £2 for the year - this fee can get you discounts for socials and money off PsySoc merch!


If this sounds like something you're into, please get involved and feel free to come along to one of our socials!



Email us at if you need anything else x




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