KURA, short for Keele University Roleplay Association is the go to place for all your nerdy gaming needs. From card games to table top and even D&D we have it all!

KURA is Keele's Roleplay Society, hosting a collection of events and social related to popular card games such as Magic, Pokemon and Yugioh, Table top events for games like 40k or Sigmar, Board game gatherings and D&D plus other tabletop rpgs.

We have members of all experience levels from people who have never played a role-playing game to people who have played for years. With regular socials and games, we are happy to cater to all tastes and all fandoms.

Tuesday is our weekly Cardgaming socials, where you can find people playing games such as Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, Pokémon etc each week. Even if you've never Cardgamed before, our members will happily show you how to play and may even lend you a deck to learn with!

Monday nights at Manaflux where there are dedicated Wargaming facilities  featuring WH40k, Age of Sigmar, X-wing and dropzone commander to name but a few. 

Pen and Paper tabletop games are run every night of the week on a whole spread of systems including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Victoriana, 7th Sea, Dragon Age, Shadowrun, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures and MANY MANY MORE.

Thursday evening are board game socials, featuring our societies collection of various board games as well as games people bring of their own accord to try out.

Members also have access to an extensive library of rule books and source materials owned by the society, as well as being able to rent board games from us!

Feel free to join our facebook group or discord and ask any questions you may have.

Currently dastes are subject to change depending on what the SU gives us for room bookings, but should remain the same.


  • Roleplay Society Student Membership£2.00
  • Roleplay Society Associate Membership£2.50
  • I'm interested in Roleplay Society - Tell me more!£0.00

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