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In 2018/19;

From a brand new trampoline (now making it 7 in total), coming 16/55 in BUCS, having a medal haul of 7 medals (including 2 golds) and going on our first tour to Ireland, this year has brought great achievements. 

In 2019/20;

We have already been successful in making it on to the Club Development Programme for Strength and Conditioning Support. This gives members of our club access to the Strength and Conditioning Suite which is an opportunity that is only open to a few sports clubs.

Following on from last year, this year we are aiming for even greater achievements. 

We want to push for a greater medal haul, a greater charity drive with big events to be announced and to make our tour to Ireland an annual event for our club.

Big things are coming- Make sure you are part of it!

Our Club;

A fun, friendly, exciting club! We welcome a range of levels, from absolute beginners to medal winning, somersaulting pros!

We have amazing qualified coaches, willing to teach anything; just getting started, improving current skills and learning new moves. 

Whether you want to try a new sport, make new friends, or continue with the sport you love, Trampolining at Keele is so much fun! We have many socials to destress and have a laugh too!

There's a place for everyone- spectators, competitors, judges, coaches, social bouncers! Come on down and bounce on our beds yourself!

Check out some videos of the club over the last year; 



Any questions at all just leave us an email- au.trampolining@keele.ac.uk

Current Training Times- Wednesday 8-10pm and Saturday 9:30-11:30am


  • Trampolining Student Membership£45.00
  • Trampolining I'm Interested - Tell me more!£0.00
  • Trampolining Semester 2 Membership.£25.00

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  • Leotard£70.00
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