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Think Ultimate Frisbee is just a game of throw and catch? Think again! Ultimate Frisbee is an upcoming, fast-paced, self-refereed, non-contact game involving two opposing teams of five (indoors) and seven (outdoors). Ultimate Frisbee is best described as a mash-up of American Football and Netball played on a pitch ¾ of the size of a football field outdoors with two end zones.

Possibly the most social sport around, Ultimate offers more than throwing a frisbee in the park. To score you must work the disc up the pitch and catch it in your opponent’s end zone whilst outsmarting and beating them each time. Sounds simple, right? Not quite! Add into the mix the fact that the thrower cannot move and has only 8 seconds when playing indoors and 10 seconds when outdoors to release the disc to a teammate to ensure that the game flows quickly.
The club caters for all abilities and genders, whether you can throw a disc or not, want to play ultimate frisbee competitively or casually. It will open up a whole new sporting world for you to take part in!

Keele Ultimate has in recent years developed a competitive team on the national scale, making it to Outdoor Nationals in 2019 and taking a team to Mixed Nationals in 2016 and to Men’s Nationals in 2017 along with reaching the semi-final of the Men’s Northern BUCS cup in the same year. And also, of course, winning varsity... Again. The club travels around the country to participate in both fun and more serious tournaments against other university teams and some of the country’s best club teams on a regular basis throughout the year. Whether you can throw a disc or not, play ultimate competitively or play ultimate casually, it will open up a whole new sporting world for you to take part in!

Training Times:

Mondays | 7:30-9am | Walshaw Hall

Thursdays | 8-10pm | MUGA

Sundays | 11:30am-1:30pm | Walshaw Hall



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