Volunteer Awards

Log your hours to receive awards

Logging your hours with KeeleSU Volunteering allows us to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve done and accredit you with our fantastic Volunteering Awards, which are HEAR-recordable!**

We have 7 awards that you can work towards, and you can start in just a few easy steps:

  1. Create a volunteering profile
  2. Log your hours in your volunteer profile
  3. Complete the skills and review section of your profile
  4. For the Gold Award and upwards you will need to arrange your 10-minute presentation to a member of the SU Volunteering Team (we're not scary)

  5. Receive your Volunteering Award! 

Bronze Award  Silver Adward  Gold Award  Platinum Award

  Platinum Plus Award  Crystal Award  Diamond Award

**Volunteering Awards can be provided for students up to three years after they graduate. Awards will be added to your HEAR as soon as you have completed it. (Medical students and postgraduate students’ do not currently receive a HEAR.)



We celebrate all our students' amazing volunteering work with our annual KeeleSU Awards Ceremony! Find out here about last years event, and keep your eyes peeled for info about this year's event. (Important side note - we provide delicious free food.)