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Financial issues and questions during the pandemic

I'm struggling financially because of the pandemic, is there any financial support available?

You may be eligible for the University's hardship fund. This is a discretionary fund administered by Student Services. Information about the fund and the application are available on the Keele website and you can email student.services@keele.ac.uk.

If you have a sudden emergency, you may also be able to get a small emergency loan from Student Services.


Will I still get Student Finance?

Student Finance loans and grants will be paid as normal.


My parent or partner's income was assessed for my entitlement and it has since been reduced because of Covid, can I get more from Student Finance?

You may be entitled to more money if your household's income has reduced by at least 15% for this year's income assessment. The Government's website has information about this.


Can I still get the Childcare Grant now my studies are online?

The Childcare Grant will still be paid, so as long as you're still being charged by a childcare provider you will continue to get the grant.


I've been getting Student Finance as an EU Migrant Worker but I've lost my job or been furloughed

If you are furloughed, you will still be classed as a migrant worker. If your employment status changes or you're on a zero hours contract and your hours have been reduced, contact us to discuss this.


I'm funded by the NHS, will my bursary be affected?

All NHS bursaries are being paid as normal and you can also still apply to their exceptional support funds if you're in hardship.


I've lost my job, or my income has been reduced in another way, can I claim any benefits?

Full-time students can only claim Universal Credit if they fit into one of the exceptional categories; this has not been changed during the pandemic. You can visit our Benefits page for information about which students can claim.


I've been claiming benefits, have there been any changes?

Some changes have already been announced and the government is constantly updating its response to the pandemic. The Citizens Advice website is being updated regularly to outline these changes.