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Welfare and Internationalisation Officer

The Welfare and Internationalisation Officer sits on a number of committees and forums within the University and Union, paying specific attention to issues and producers that effect the Welfare of all students.

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Role Description

The Welfare and Internationalisation Officer is responsible for safeguarding the welfare of Keele students and ensuring an inclusive and accessible environment. They will work with the University to ensure it provides suitable welfare provisions for all students with the appropriate resources and support needs for their studies.

The Welfare and Internationalisation Officer supports the following part-time officers in their roles:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students’ Officer

  • Disabled Students’ Officer

  • LGBT+ Students’ Officer

  • Gender Equality Officers

  • International Students’ Officer

They are responsible for championing equality and diversity across the University as well as within the Students’ Union. They will ensure that International students receive the support and guidance they need during their time at Keele.

They will run campaigns relating to welfare and internationalisation, and develop policies where possible in response to welfare issues facing students. More information is available here.


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