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Non-engagement Withdrawals

You could be at risk of withdrawal if you don't take your first attempts

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It's common knowledge that undergraduate students get two attempts at all your assessments, but did you know this isn't always the case?

If you know you're behind and won't get a good mark, you may be tempted to miss your first attempt and just take a capped resit later on, but if you do this for too many assessments you risk losing your place on the course. If you fail at least half of the semester's modules with a mark of 10% or less then you could be withdrawn for non-engagement - even if you're only on your first attempt. For most of you, this means you would only need to miss assignments for two modules and it could lead to you being withdrawn, with no options for reassessments or repeat years.

The University sends an email to all undergraduates warning you of this, and you can read more in Regulation B8, 1.2 'Academic Failure'.

The University will only make exceptions if you are known to have had significant problems that affected your work, so if your work is being impacted it's really important that you let the university know by submitting Exceptional Circumstances claims. You can also reach out for help by talking to your personal tutor, Student Services or ASK.

*Students in the Faculty of Health will have their own rules about engagement, which can be read in the School handbook.*