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Returning to Hogwarts... Keele!

Back to Hogwarts or much rather, Keele’s Harry Potter Society! Find out here about what we’ve been doing, how we’re utilising Discord servers and why you should join one of the best societies that Keele has to offer!

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Hello Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and moving into Keele nicely - regardless of whether you’re a complete fresher or a seasoned member. 

Last year, the Harry Potter Society saw the dawn of new members and a new committee, who organised a wide variety of interesting socials. From some Wizards Chess at the Christmas Party to visits to Winter Wonderland in Hanley, Cosy Film Nights to some magical quizzes - the society was thriving.

Then, before you could utter a single spell, our plans for the year were cut short. Our adventure to Harry Potter World had to be cancelled and postponed and no ‘end of the year socials’ or Tri-Wizard Celebrations could take place. 

This year we rise from the ashes of the old, with many familiar faces joining the committee to help us adapt and develop our society into an online community. We’ll operate primarily on Discord - which you can get to through our KeeleSU homepage. Discord can be accessed through your usual chrome server or an app on your phone/ laptop. As the committee, we’ll be able to share our screens on the specific social channels so that we can hold quizzes, films, game nights and more! 

Another update this year is our membership fee for joining Keele Harry Potter Society. The fee has been changed to a reasonable £2 for the entire year. We’ve decided as a committee that this will be beneficial for us this year for funds that we can put towards online games and socials. You do not have to be a member of the society to join our discord, however members of the society will be privy to:

  • Early updates about upcoming socials through emails and membership channels!

  • Priority booking for any on campus socials we might hold!

  • Event discounts for any HP related tickets on the SU page!

  • Raffle tickets for a chance to win an authentic Harry Potter World wand of their choosing! (£35 value)

We thoroughly hope that you enjoy all of our socials this year, with lots of planning and thought going into making them the best that they can be. Our Potter Community has so many friendly and positive vibes from all different years, studies, places and more - we know that you’ll love it just as much as we do.

- Ashleigh Willcox (Secretary & Welfare Officer)


President’s Note

- Lisa Bastow (President)

Hello and thank you for showing an interest in our society! I encourage you to become a member and join in on all of the fun.

Although, certain events mean that we can no longer meet in person, let that not stop us from bringing the magic online.

I and the rest of the Harry Potter Committee have all tried very hard to make this transition work for all of us and I hope that you will enjoy our Harry Potter Society as much as we have enjoyed planning it for you!


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