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Freshers' Tips!

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We have put together some top tips to guide you through your first year at Keele and make it the best it can be!


  1. Break the ice with your flatmates. If you’re living in shared accommodation, They’re likely to be the first people you meet and may grow to be a huge part of your time at Keele. Try cooking together, or sharing out something sweet to get the conversation flowing. Once you're introduced, you can all keep an eye on your new mates when out and about. Now might also be a good time to all agree to keep your flat tidy to avoid future arguments!

  2. Visit one of our Fairs. We've got loads of opportunities to meet like minded people, try something new or grab some freebies during freshers. Sports Fair is on the Sunday 24th September, Society Sign Up on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th September and we heard a rumour that our Freshers' Fair on Monday 25th has free Domino’s Pizza on offer…

  3. Get a Keele University Hoody. Pop into the Union shop in the ground floor of KeeleSU to pick this up.

  4. Make a budget when you get your Student Loan. It sounds boring but it’s better to know EXACTLY how much money you have leftover after accommodation fees for shopping / drinks / takeaways / days out. Go to ASK (our independent advice service, Advice & Support at Keele) to pick up your budget calculator.

  5. Get yourself an NUS Extra Card. Available from KeeleSU Reception or online, one year is just £12 and the 200+ discounts soon make up for the price! Say hello half price Spotify - playlists galore!

  6. Don't skip any lectures! As tempting as it is to have those extra few hours sleep after all the fun of freshers, you'll only regret it later in the year when it comes to completing your assignments.

  7. Stay safe on nights out. We pride ourselves on keeping you safe during our programme of events during freshers and beyond, but you should always stick together and look after each other, too. As well as in-house security and our award winning venues, our Safety Bus and Street Team will make sure you get home safe at the end of the night! Download Keele's SafeZone App on android or iOS

  8. Make your voice heard. Register to vote in general and local elections when you move in and check out all the ways you can get involved with Keele's Student Voice - including voting the all important Elections we hold! We're run by students, for students, so if there's something at Keele you'd like to see change, let us know!

  9. Always use protection. We offer FREE condoms from KeeleSU to help protect yourself against STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. Pick them up from ASK.

  10. Get a bus pass. Bus passes are the best way to explore the town. Get your 10 trip, 1 month or 1 year First pass or 1 week, 1 month or 3 month Smart pass from Reception.

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