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Introducing Keele SU's Pride Flag Staircase

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Celebrating Diversity with Every Step 

Keele University Students' Union is thrilled to unveil its latest addition – the Pride Flag Staircase, a vibrant and symbolic feature that showcases our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Created and co-developed with our LGBTQ+ Network this installation is situated between the ground floor and the first floor of the Students' Union building. This staircase not only connects different levels of our building but also bridges communities, celebrating the LGBTQ+ identity.

Each step of the Pride Staircase is adorned with the colours of the Progress Pride Flag, a symbol that reflects the diverse experiences and identities within the LGBTQ+ community. This staircase stands as a beacon of acceptance, respect, and support for all individuals. 

Sadie Farnsworth & Sam Webb, our LGBTQ+ Network Leads at Keele University Students' Union (pictured below), have said: "The Student Liberation Networks have been such a great addition to the Students' Union since I started at Keele, and the ability to be part of increasing visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community has been so rewarding" 

They continue "The Pride Flag Staircase is a great representation of what the LGBTQ+ Network works towards, and the support we have been receiving from the SU to make these ideas a reality has been second to none" 

Tom Robinson, Wellbeing Officer at Keele University Students' Union, echoes their sentiment: "The Pride Staircase is more than just a design feature; it's a statement of solidarity and support for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and visitors. It's a reminder that Keele University Students' Union is a place where everyone is welcome and celebrated." 

This initiative aligns with our ongoing efforts to foster a campus environment where diversity is embraced, and everyone feels valued and respected. The Pride Staircase serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity in all aspects of university life, from social spaces to academic settings. 

As we look ahead to celebrating Pride Month in June and beyond, let the Pride Staircase at Keele University Students' Union be a reminder of our shared commitment to equality and acceptance. Whether you're taking those steps for personal growth, academic achievement, or simply to connect with others, know that each step is a testament to the vibrant spectrum of identities that make our community so special. 

We are also proud to be launching an exclusive range of Keele University merchandise to celebrate Pride Month. A limited-edition Keele Pride T-Shirt and Hoody is now available to buy in-store or online at