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30 Days Wild - Wildlife Trust

Keele Wildlife Society

Hi all,

This is the final newsletter from me as Secretary for Keele Wildlife Society. For this newsletter I wish to highlight a current campaign by The Wildlife Trust which you can all get involved with - just like members of the committee have been doing! 

Check out The Wildlife Trust website here for more info and resources:

This aims to encourage people to spend time with nature; even 5 minutes while drinking a cup of tea at your front door! Also, the website has a number of ideas to inspire 'Random Acts of Kindness'. Please share with us if you have been doing any of these! And enjoy 30 days of wild!!

As mentioned recently, many of us are experiencing nature in new ways and enjoying the outdoors much more than before. This is fantastic!! In my last newsletter I highlighted this with my time spent walking around the countryside as well as the recent open letter to the society by Sophie (Society Treasurer). It is not just outside of our homes that we are noticing nature in new ways but within our own gardens. For example, this year different flowers and plants have been growing in my garden (see photos!) as a result of seeds being dropped by birds. Although this may not be appreciated by many gardeners, I am very much enjoying them and the wildlife coming to the garden are too! 


As always - Keep in touch with us! 

Keele Wildlife Society Secretary.